[FrE] Is percentage deduction available for the disputed project?

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instead of only having the option of either sending the money to the Employer or sending it to the freelancer and admin, is it possible to deduct a percentage and then send it to freelancer and admin then refund the rest to the Employer?

I am asking as for example in my business which is Entertainment, on occassion you may have for example a wedding booking, the singer doesn’t turn up on time or there is another issue but they did complete a certain percentage of the job successfully so instead of being paid 100% of their fee perhaps they will be paid 80%.


Regarding your concern, I’m afraid that this feature is not available in FreelanceEngine.

  • This inquiry needs a lot of custom coding.
  • However, we don’t offer customization service.
  • You may need to reach out for freelancers to accomplish your needs.

I think you might want to know more about our Escrow flow:
The Escrow system will start working as soon as the employer accepts a bid. The process will work step by step like below.

  • Step 1: When Employer accepts a bid, he will pay the bid budget (example: $10) to Admin’s Stripe account.
  • Step 2: After Employer accepts a bid, this project will change its status to “Processing”. If the employers “FINISH” this project, the Escrow process will move to step 3. Otherwise, the employers “CLOSE” or freelancers “QUIT” this project, it will turn the status into “dispute” and Escrow process will jump to step 4.
  • Step 3: After the employer clicks “Finish” button, this project’s status will become into “Completed”.
  • Step 4: The freelancer and employer will send their reports to Admin, and Amin will decide who the winner is in this case.

​Hope this could clarify your uncertainty.

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