[MjE] How job verification work?

Regarding your inquiry, we would like to inform you that  job verification has the old name: MjE Claim Please refer to these links for more reference. https://www.enginethemes.com/?s=MjE+Claim https://docs.enginethemes.com/article/583-3-9-how-to-set-up-mje-claim-extension

[QAE] What is the difference between QAEngine on codecanyon and enginethemes.com?

Thank you for your interest in QAEngine Abdul, Regarding your concern, kindly find our answers below: The product from codecanyon website is not EngineThemes’s product. QAEngine was illegally faked and sale on codecanyon website. We can’t give you any support if you purchase that product. I assume you’re new to QAEngine, so here are my suggestions: Kindly […]

[FrE] Do you have a theme like taskrabbit?

Regarding your inquiry, I’m afraid that we don’t have a solution that fit your business model perfectly. We have 2 service marketplace, FreelanceEngine has location-based feature. However, geolocation is not available. Unfortunately, DirectoryEngine is not a platform for service marketplace. I assume you’re new to FreelanceEngine, so here are my suggestions: Kindly […]

[FrE] How admin accepts finished work and credit move?

This process will be operated automatically. After the participants worked on the project, if everything goes well, they can complete the project and the money will be sent to the freelancer.  It helps transactions among admin, freelancers and employers work smoothly. ​ In case of disputation, the workflow will be done as […]

[All] Why I can’t use your 40% discount?

Regarding your concern about Pricing, kindly find our answers below: We’re small business ourselves, so we can certainly appreciate wanting a price break. We believe that our product more value than it costs. 15% off of the original price is the best quotation we can offer right now. Our biggest discount for the new purchase is 35% […]