[FrE] How can I get Real time chat?

Regarding your concern, I would like to inform you that:

  • It’s a feature in our previous version of FreelanceEngine, not a plugin.
  • You can still get this version of our previous themes for free. However, please remember, we discontinued further support & update for previous versions.
  • We are working on another option and bring it back to our next version update.
  • We’re sorry that we haven’t had a defined timeline to release this update but it will be soon by next year.

I’m sorry to inform you that this feature is not available now

  • This inquiry needs a lot of custom coding.
  • However, we don’t offer customization service.
  • You may need to reach out for freelancers to accomplish your needs.

I would like to assure you that there’s no encrypted code in the theme package,

  • You can modify the code based on your requirement.

Hope this could clarify your uncertainty.

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