[FrE] How admin accepts finished work and credit move?

This process will be operated automatically.
After the participants worked on the project, if everything goes well, they can complete the project and the money will be sent to the freelancer.  It helps transactions among admin, freelancers and employers work smoothly.

In case of disputation, the workflow will be done as below:

How does the Escrow system work?

The Escrow system will start working as soon as the employer accepts a bid. The process will work step by step like below.

  • Step 1: When Employer accepts a bid, he will pay the bid budget (example: $10) to Admin’s account.
  • Step 2: After Employer accepts a bid, this project will change its status to “Processing”. If the employers “FINISH” this project, the Escrow process will move to step 3. Otherwise, the employers “CLOSE” or freelancers “QUIT” this project, it will turn the status into “dispute” and Escrow process will jump to step 4
  • Step 3: After the employer clicks “Finish” button, this project’s status will become into “Completed”.
  • Step 4: The freelancer and employer will send their reports to Admin, and Amin will decide who the winner is in this case.

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