[FrE] Can you explain to me the “buying of bids” and “my credit”. What are they and are they connected?

Regarding your concern, kindly find our answers below:

1. Buying of bids
I would like to inform you that there are commonly 3 ways to make money from your site.

=> If you enable this option, freelancer have to pay to bid on the project. They can use other payment gateways or credit in their account to purchase these bids.

2. My Credit:
With the Credit, users can add fund in their account & later they can make any transaction on the site by using credits instead of the usual money – based methods.
Please refer to this link for more reference.

3. How they are connected:
So the Employer can use credit to pay for the Freelancer after finish the project or use it to submit listing.
The freelancer can use it to purchase bid or withdraw it.

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