[FrE] Create checkbox for sign up page.

Step1: From the back-end go to Appearance > Editor. Choose FreelanceEngine in 

Step 2: Choose the file “Register Page Template Page Template”  from the right column.

Modify the file: Register Page Template Page Template

1. Remove the current code

$tos = et_get_page_link(‘tos’, array() ,false);
$url_tos = ‘<a href=”‘.et_get_page_link(‘tos’).'” class=”secondary-color” rel=”noopener noreferrer” target=”_Blank”>’.(‘Term of Use and Privacy policy’, ET_DOMAIN).'</a>’;
if($tos) {
echo “<p>”;
(‘By signing up to create an account I accept the %s’, ET_DOMAIN), $url_tos );
echo “</p>”;
?> –>

You can delete it or disable it by pressing Ctrl+/
2. Add this code before the button code

<div class=”form-group clearfix float-left fre-input-field”>
<div class=”checkbox”>
<input type=”checkbox” name=”agreement” id=”agreement”><span class=”tos-text”><?php _e(‘I accept with the’, ‘enginethemes’); ?>
<a href=”<?php echo et_get_page_link(‘tos’); ?>” target=”_blank”><?php _e(‘terms and conditions’, ‘enginethemes’); ?></a></span>

This is the button code

<?php ae_gg_recaptcha( $container = ‘fre-input-field’ );?>
<div class=”fre-input-field”>
<button class=”fre-btn btn-submit primary-bg-color”><?php _e(‘Sign Up’, ET_DOMAIN);?></button>


3. Go to assets/js/authenticate.js &

Find this line:

this.register_new_validator = $(“form#signup_form”).validate

Also this:

this.register_validator = $(“form.signup_form_submit”).validate({

To add

agreement : “required”,

in rules

4. Go to assets/js/front.js
Find this

initValidator: function() {

Also find:

this.register_validator = $(“form.signup_form”).validate({

To add

agreement : “required”,

To rules.

Don’t forget to click Update File after you finished each step.

Note: This  tutorial only work with single WordPress site. We will fix it for multi site wordpress in the next version update.

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