[MjE+FrE] What do you think about cloning and adding some extra features that are not available in upwork, fiverr, Guru, PeopleperHour etc?

We would like to clarify that we also have FreelanceEngine along with MicrojobEngine which offer other features.

MicrojobEngine is a very lightweight WordPress-based theme which aims to be cost-saving & simple for beginner or developers to build upon.

The features you would like to add could make the cost 10-20 times pricier. That explains why there is no available solution close to Fiverr for you to purchase immediately.

MicrojobEngine package price ranges from $89 to $159. The hourly rate of developers ranges from $30. Which means that you can get a functioning product by only paying a developer 4 hours of work.

If you want to clone the fiverr project, the cost would not be any less than $100,000 (or even more). For Android & iOS applications, each could cost $100,000++.

Each module you require could take up to 100 hours of work per each, not to mention the maintenance cost.

The Fiverr team includes development & maintenance team. However, WordPress customers generally could not afford the cost to maintain such product.

More importantly, Fiverr is not based on WordPress (CMS system).

Such pricing is not what we would like to offer to our customer.

We hope that you could find another solution that best fits your needs.

Your understanding will be appreciated.

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