[FrE] Is there any functionality for freelancer can act as a employer and employer can be as a freelancer?

Regarding your concern, about Dual Roles,

  • This feature is available in the previous version of FreelanceEngine v1.7.x
  • We discontinue this feature in the latest version of FreelanceEngine v1.8.x
  • However, our Technical Support Executive could assist you with this requirement after your purchase.
  • We have MicrojobEngine that only has one user role.
  • In the latest version FreelanceEngine (v1.8.x), users must choose the role when they sign up.
  • The UI/UX & functionality of each role is different.
  • You want the employer to be freelancer & freelancer to be the employer so is that only one user role?
  • In the previous version of FreelanceEngine v1.7.x, we have the options of letting site users switch roles.
  • In the latest version, our developers have custom code for customers who want site users to have dual role.

Although both are Service Marketplace:

  • FreelanceEngine is about “Jobs finding human resources”
  • MicrojobEngine is about “Human resources offer services”So I would say the business model of each is different from the other.
    • The key value is definitely of 2 distinct objectives.

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