[FrE] Woocommerce compatibility

Q: – It is possible to integrate Woocommerce with FreelanceEngine?

A: – Generally, FreelanceEngine should be compatible with most WordPress plugins.

However, FreelanceEngine has its ecosystem of payment gateways which could be a duplicate when you try to install Woocommerce.

I’m afraid that the latest version of FreelanceEngine does not support Woocommerce.

Due to the complex workflow, there might be incompatibility which requires coding experience to overcome.

Since FreelanceEngine is a WordPress theme, generally you can install any 3rd party plugins.

However, we could not provide you with guarantee or support for 3rd party plugins.

Also, I would like to inform you that there are commonly 3 ways to make money from your site.

I assume you’re new to FreelanceEngine, so here are my suggestions:

  1. Kindly take a look at our Demo website
  2. May you also want to click the Wheels button on your right side of the screen for more demos.
  3. Moreover, you can login FreelaceEngine backend with our admin account for more insights
  4. Go over our FreelanceEngine Introduction which includes its default workflow to see if it fits your requirement.

Feel free to reach out to us for your further needs.

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