[FrE] Why I can’t find Branding and header video section (in engine settings > settings)?

Regarding your inquiry, I would like to inform you that

  • Branding section has been migrated to Customize -> Site Identity
    See my walkthrough here.

I have questioned our developers directly about Header video Settings.

  • Unfortunately, this Settings belong to FrE v1.7.13 and previous versions.
  • By introducing FrE v1.8, we left behind old features of FrE including Header video display.

However, you can still display motion picture in your Header.

  1. Record your video (or convert it) into .gif file.
  2. Upload the .gif file to your Banner section.
  3. Please take a closer look into my instruction here.

You might also want to customize the header text to be suitable for your background video.

  • This could be done via Customize -> Additional Css -> paste the code.
  • Here is the sample code which I used in the tutorial

h1#title_banner {
color: rgba(0,230,230,1);
font-weight: bold;
border: solid;

  • You could learn more about rgba color here.

If you’d like to use Slider, I’m afraid that there’s no built-in slider within FreelanceEngine.

However, you could use Smart slider (3rd party plugin) & make your own header.

Hope this could clarify your uncertainty.

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