[FrE + MjE] Is there an option to track by the hour? Is this something custom you guys can create?

Regarding your concern, I think MicrojobEngine with MjE Recruit plugin would be more appropriate for your business.

  • FreelanceEngine’s hourly rate is only for reference. MicrojobEngine would be a better solution since both sides can contact each other for negotiating and making payment base on hour rate rather than project.
  • Employers can discuss with freelancers about the payment based on the freelancers hourly rate to send the order.
  • We integrated multi-freelancers feature and also milestone payments in MicrojobEngine that the employer can easier send payment for their freelancers.
  • Throughout negotiation flow, freelancers and employers can send custom orders and offers to get the agreement from both sides. They can change all the elements like Budget, Time of delivery, Description in this flow.

You may want to visit our official blog post for more references.

I assume you’re new to MicrojobEngine, so here are my suggestions:

  1. Kindly take a look at our Demo website
  2. May you also want to click the Wheels button on your right side of the screen for more access.
  3. Moreover, you can login MicrojobEngine backend with our admin account for more insight.
  4. Go over our MicrojobEngine Introduction which includes its default workflow to see if it fits your requirement.

Feel free to reach out to us for your further needs.

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