Domain connection – Use your domain name with our themes

Regarding your concern, we assure you that

  • You can use your domain name by redirecting it to the hosting of your current site when you using our theme.

To have your website runs with the theme, you must install it on your hosting and configure the features.

There are 02 options you can choose:
– Free documentation:

  • You can visit these addresses at here and here to install the theme by yourself.
  • Customer needs to have some certain skills and WordPress knowledge to install the theme properly.

– Installation service at $24:

  • We will install and configure the default features on your site as same as our demo.
  • All you have to do is configure the Social API and payment API.
  • You will need to buy a domain, hosting with cPanel/FTP account.
  • Then give us your domain name, cPanel/FTP account, and WP admin account.
  • We assure that in case we install the theme incorrectly, you’re free to request for a reinstallation.

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