[All] Why I can’t download the lastest version (account expired)?

You will be unable to access your package after one year since the day you purchase your package.

  • Please refer to our Terms of Service of which you have agreed to when you made your purchase.
  • We made our statement very clear in section 1. Product License about removing themes when your membership expires.
  • This is because we only provide latest version (update) for our member.
  • When your membership expires, you cannot receive any further update, which is our latest version available on our site.

Also, we sent emails to remind you about your products expiration right before your products expired but you chose to ignore our emails.

So my suggestion is,

  • You should continue with your current version, I’d send you the final update of your package & plugins if you’d prefer to backup.
  • You may want to renew your membership with 50% discount off your repurchase for another year of update & support.

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