[All] Is it possible to change field labels and category labels in these engines?

Regarding your concern, kindly find our answers below:

The default language (known as text fields) of all themes from Enginethemes is English.

  • If you want to use another one for your site, then there are 02 ways you can refer to:
  1. Translator: go to Dashboard > Engine setting > Language, help you translate/replace the wordings string by string manually right at the back-end.
  2. Poedit software: translate with the .po file. Please refer to this link for more information.

You can replace almost any text fields by using our built-in translator.

To change/replace almost any text fields on the theme, you can use our built-in Translator.

However, I’m afraid that Enginethemes don’t have the exact solution for your requirement.

You can look up other solutions on the market that work best for you.

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