[All] How can I get rid of the message after someone login from the Social links like Facebook, Google?

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I keep on getting this below message after someone login from the Social links like facebook, google. And I don’t want this message to be displayed at all. Please help me get rid of this message as its irritating experience for my users and looks like spam.
“This seems to be your first time signing in using your Facebook/Twitter/Google+ account. If you already have an account, please log in using the form below to link it to your Facebook account. Otherwise, please enter an email address and a password on the form, and a username on the next page to create an account. You will only do this step ONCE. Next time, you’ll get logged in right away.”

This is the required & also default workflow. Otherwise, the API will not fully work and data from Google/Facebook/Twitter are not fully stored on your site.

There isn’t a workaround this for general WordPress platform template. Therefore, it’s beyond our scope of support.

You may need to consult a freelance developers to accomplish your requirements.

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