[All] Can you explain about All-in-One Package?

I’m very pleased to provide you with comprehensive answers regarding your inquiry.

The MEGA Power package includes plugins while the All in one includes more Engine with no plugin.

First of all, MEGA Power Package includes:

  1. JobEngine => Job marketplace
  2. ClassifiedEngine => Multi purposes marketplace
  3. DirectoryEngine => Targeting places & addresses
  4. FreelanceEngine => “Get the jobs done” marketplace
  5. ForumEngine 
  6. QAEngine
  7. HotelEngine Comfy
  8. HotelEngine Classy
  • Wich basically means all of our WordPress-based solutions for Enterprises.
  • However, what we offer is just a very broad base solutions to kick-off with.
  • After purchase, you may have to customize a lot to achieve your ideas.
  • This package is suppose to be for Enterprises with their own Development team
    to just skip over the base part to get to the specialization part.

I would highly recommend you to set a focus on a specific Business model.

  • May you tell me more about it, I’d be happy to support you with more understanding.

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