[All] Can I alter the JobEngine with MicroJob Engine in Power Package?

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Your Power Package Includes the following themes –

Can you alter the JobEngine with MicroJob Engine ??
That means if I want the following themes in Power Package

Is It Possible?
Same Question to All-in-one Package …


I’m very pleased to provide you with comprehensive answers regarding your inquiry.

First of all, MEGA Power Package includes:

  1. JobEngine => Job marketplace
  2. ClassifiedEngine => Multi purposes marketplace
  3. DirectoryEngine => Targeting places & addresses
  4. FreelanceEngine => “Get the jobs done” marketplace
  5. All JE, CE, DE, FrE extensions

Which basically means most of our WordPress-based solutions for Enterprises.

  • However, what we offer is just a very broad base solution to kick-off with.
  • After purchase, you may have to customize a lot to achieve your ideas.
  • This package is supposed to be for Enterprises with their own Development team
    to just skip over the base part to get to the specialization part.

I would highly recommend you to set a focus on a specific Business model.

  • May you tell me more about it, I’d be happy to support you with more understanding.

If you are interested in MicrojobEngine, I would like to inform you that

  • MjE package is a Business solutions for (no contract) Jobs marketplace.
  • MjE package is web-based WordPress theme
  • It has the flexibility to perform seamlessly on every devices.
  • We provide you with a ecosystem of plugins for you to enhance your business.
  • You can make money by setting up your own MicrojobEngine website

As about theme packages

  • We (EngineThemes) offer 2 packages of MicrojobEngine (MjE)
  • MjE Basic vs MjE Plus (see here)
  • Plus package includes the Basic with 3 Extensions for you to expand your business.
I assume you’re new to Enginethemes, so here are my suggestions:
  1. Kindly take a look at our Demo websites: JobEngine | ClassifiedEngine | DirectoryEngine | FreelanceEngine | MicrojobEngine
  2. May you also want to click the Wheels button on your right side of each site for more access.
  3. Moreover, you can login Website backend with our admin account for more insights
    username/password: admindemo

Go over our FreelanceEngine Introduction | MicrojobEngine Introduction which includes its default workflow to see if it fits your requirement.

Feel free to reach out to us for your further needs.

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