[MjE] The coming soon pack of the MicrojobEngine Pro is interesting and would like to know a tentative date as per when it might be available?

Regarding your concern, please find our response below.

1. Themes Package

  • We (EngineThemes) offer 2 packages of MicrojobEngine (MjE)
  • MjE Basic vs MjE Plus (see here)
  • Plus package includes the Basic with 3 Extensions for you to expand your business.
  • We’re completing the Pro package for MicrojobEngine.
  • It will be released at the beginning of next year.
  • We will let you know as soon as it’s available.
  • In the meantime, we suggest that you should go with Plus package, then you can upgrade to Pro package later.


The cost of the packages & plugins which belongs to MiccrojobEngine Plus is $204 in total. However, you can get them in a package at $159.

When we release MjE Pro, you can upgrade to the Pro package by only paying for the price difference. You can also use coupon to get the discount for the upgrade.

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