[QAE] How to add QAEngine to an existing site?

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I already have a fully functional wordpress website and i want to add a QA/forym section to it. But since QAEngine comes as a complete theme replacement. How to add QAEngine to an existing site? It should be accessible under a particular section on the site like, myblog.com/


Regarding your concern, there are two ways to accomplish your requirement.

a. Using multi-site network

  • You need to install WordPress multisite on your hosting.
  • Then you install 1 theme for your main domain (eg. newstudiowoo.com). This theme will be your landing page.
  • You can then install another WordPress site using MicrojobEngine on the sub-domain newstudiowoo.com/microjobengine

b.Using subdirectory

  • You can install WordPress the root folder & another WordPress in the subdirectory.
  • Therefore you install another theme on the sub-domain.

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