[QAE] Can google ads be added to the answers and can the users chat with one another?

Regarding your concern, I’m afraid that QAEngine might not be able to meet up with your expectation

  • Generally, ads can be added via widgets.
  • You can modify the code to display ads in users’ answer.
  • Unfortunately, the chat feature is not available & we haven’t any plan to implement it.
  • Also, I’m very sorry that we don’t offer customization service.
  • You may need to reach out for freelancers to accomplish your needs.

I assume you’re new to QAEngine, so here are my suggestions:

  1. Kindly take a look at our Demo website
  2. May you also want to click the Wheels button on your right side of the screen for more access.
  3. Moreover, you can login QAEngine backend with our admin account for more insights

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