[MjE+FrE] Location options

Add child location for profile:

Step 1: Go to Profile > Countries to add New Country or use the Country available in the Countries list.

Step 2: Add child location (New city) for the above Country (Parent country) then click Add New Country.

Step 3: You can repeat step 2 to create child location (New town) for New city.

This is the result after you finish those simple steps:


Change country to location

Step 1: Go to Engine Settings > Settings > Language and choose your website’s language.

Step 2: From there, you can find and change Country fields to Location.

Fields need to change including:

  • Country
  • Parent country
  • Edit country
  • Update country
  • Add New country
  • New country Name
  • Add or remove country
  • No country information
  • Select country

Step 3: Don’t forget to click Save. Then you can check the result again on your site.


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