[MjE] Regarding functionality, compared to fiverr.com, what are my limitations? Or what are my upgrade options so my site can be an exact match of fiverr.com?

Regarding your concern, I would like to inform you that:

We don’t have any plan for cloning and adding some extra features that are not available in Fiverr.
That’s why we can’t support you with complete functionality comparison.

But here’s some of my suggestion for your website:
–  Allow user to post an order request like Fiverr if client has a specific needs:

  • MjE is about “Human resources offer services” (only Freelancer can post and Employer will hire them on that post)
    • Recently, we just released MjE Recruit plugin which also allows Employers to post request.
    • That means besides its own features it will have the same features with FreelanceEngine but bidding feature comes in a different approach.
    • For the first time ever, EngineThemes integrate multi-freelancers feature in our product. Multifreelancers capability for big projects & milestones payment. Bringing more convenience to Employer. With this feature, they only need to create just one Post to find all the freelancers they need for their project.

Please visit our official blog post for more references.

– Automatically sends payment by paypal

Payments are not automatically sent. Admins need to transfer the money manually.

– Users can provide 3 different plans (basic, standard, premium)
 MicrojobEngine offers the Extra service feature so that buyers can pay more for more services.

– Sellers and Buyers have seperate sign up area

There is only one user role in MicrojobEngine. One user can be both buyer & seller at the same time.
Therefore, your requirement is beyond our scope of support.’
On the other hand, we have FreelanceEngine which has 2 different user roles.

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