[MjE] Can my users pay cash without admin involve?

Regarding your concern, If you want the payment is made just between seller and buyer (not through admin or the website) please read forward.

The default workflow of MjE helps to prevent the risk of frauds & scam.

The system allows money to be kept by admin until a particular condition is met throughout the whole process.

If the employer doesn’t have to make any payment for your platform which means it impossible for you to earn commission

Admin only has 2 option left to earn money:

  • Pay to post
  • Displaying Advertisement (Google Adsense via widgets)

Of course, the freelancer still can request a direct deposit from Employer before starting to work (by bank transfer/direct cash payment/Paypal invoices,…). However, the Employers are not protected.

As an admin, you couldn’t keep track of any payments so both sides could make more deal about the pricing. In some cases, the Freelancers are fully protected.

To ensure the rights for both sides and create a fair marketplace we suggest you keep the normal payment flow.

Hope this could clarify your uncertainty.

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