[FE+QAE] Can you inform me the different between qaengine and forumengine?

Regarding your concern, we would like to provide you with some details differences between the two themes:

1. ForumEngine theme is a WordPress theme which helps you to create your own forum website.

  • Users can create a new thread, reply, follow or like a thread.
  • There is no payment gateway integrated.
  • The only way to make money from ForumEngine is by showing ads (eg. Google Adsense) via widgets.

2. QAEngine is a WordPress theme which allows users to post their questions or answers about every field in life.

  • Users can also create polls for their question.
  • Be as usual Q&A website, there is no fee for participants on the website using theme QAEngine.
  • There are payment gateways to help admin monetize from selling packages for users to pump their questions, and of course you can show ads, too.
  • We are currently offering our Community-Package with 20% off including both ForumEngine & QAEngine.

Kindly note that these two themes are not combined, yet you’re up to a good start to explore and grow your own community. 

Therefore, you will have more options to conclude which should fit your Business model better.

As for the updates, we will upload the latest version to TF soon. We planned to only update the major versions to TF.

I assume you’re new to our themes, so here are my suggestions:

  1. Kindly take a look at our Demos: QAEngine | ForumEngine
  2. May you also want to click the Wheels button on your right side of the screen for more access.
  3. Moreover, you can login QAEngine backend | ForumEngine backend
    with username/password: admindemo for more insights

Feel free to reach out to us for your further needs.

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