[MjE] Remove post job buttons

You can use the following code: .job-items-title a {display:none;} #et-header .link-post-services{display:none;} As for admins, he/she can have direct access to the hidden page via: /post-service/

How to setup a PayPal Adaptive Live AppID

  Creating a new Application To create a new application start by going to your PayPal applications account: https://www.paypal-apps.com/user/my-account/applications. For more technical information about Adaptive Payments, visit the PayPal developer docs page. Below you’ll find help on the information required for the application. App Information Title Add a unique name to your application (e.g: my-freelance-marketplace). On what platform […]

[FrE] Woocommerce compatibility

Q: – It is possible to integrate Woocommerce with FreelanceEngine? A: – Generally, FreelanceEngine should be compatible with most WordPress plugins. However, FreelanceEngine has its ecosystem of payment gateways which could be a duplicate when you try to install Woocommerce. I’m afraid that the latest version of FreelanceEngine does not support Woocommerce. […]