[FrE] Customize colors

How to change color schemes in FreelanceEngine? Unfortunately, currently there’s not yet any built-in settings for this. Kindly follow my demonstration here. You can get the same code here. You may want to look up rgba color choice here. Please note that font colors are not very user-friendly in terms of customization.

[All] Multilanguage availability?

The default language of all themes from Enginethemes is English. If you want to use another one for your site, then there are 02 ways you can refer to: Translator: go to Dashboard > Engine setting > Language, help you translate/replace the wordings string by string manually right at the back-end. Poedit software: translate with the […]

[FrE] How to ban user?

How to ban user from accessing FreelanceEngine? Previous versions of FreelanceEngine has this functionality. However, we discontinued its implementation. User Ban feature is not available in latest version of FreelanceEngine. ​ ​We have cancel further development for this feature.

[All] Discount offer

Do EngineThemes offer any discount coupon? ​As for Pricing, kindly find our answers below: We’re small business ourselves, so we can certainly appreciate wanting a price break. We believe that our product more value than it costs. The discount of 15% of the original price is the best quotation we can offer at the moment.  You […]

[All] Mobile applications availability

Will there be any mobile app for our themes?   Regarding your inquiry, we would like to inform you that EngineThemes products are WordPress-based Business solutions. Our themes have responsive User Interface of which could display and performs effectively on every device (including mobile devices). Other themes have adaptive design, of which includes a mobile version already. […]

[FrE] How to edit or modify forms?

Can I edit or modify forms in my themes? Unfortunately, there’s no built-in Settings for you to edit forms in FreelanceEngine. Latest versions of FreelanceEngine (since v1.8.0) do not support Forms modification or Page Builder plugins. The only way for you to edit the forms is by re-writing the code. […]

[All] EngineThemes Customization cost

What is the cost of Customization? Much as we appreciate your trust in our service, EngineThemes do not do Customization Service. Upon your purchase, 12 months of free updates & support will be bundled with your package. Our Technical Support Executives will assist you with themes scope modification. There’s no encrypted code […]