[MjE] Manual rating

Step 1: From your site, choose the job you want to change the rating. Step 2: Go to Microjobs > All Microjobs then click Edit to the chosen job. Step 3: Adding the new value of rating next to the rating_score field. Step 4: Remember to click Update. Then you can […]

[MjE] Change the homepage icons

Step 1: Go to Customize → Title & Background  Step 2: From there, you can choose the Block you want to change then click Select Image to upload and crop your icons. Step 3: When you’re done, don’t forget to click Save&Publish. Then you can check the result again on your homepage.  

[MjE] Banner remove

Where? Customize → Additional CSS. How? You can use the following code: .banner {display:none;} When you’re done, don’t forget to click Save&Publish.

[FrE] Create free packages

This article will help you to add more than one free package to facilitate your promotions. I/ Free packages for employers on your site: Step 1: Go to Engine Settings > Settings > Payment, fill all required information in Payment Plans section then click Save Plan. Note: If Free plan already exists you will […]

How to manually pump questions in QAEngine?

Step 1: In your main page, choose the question you want to pump.   Step 2: Click this link to enter a Date & Time and copy that sequence number. Step 3: Go to Questions > All Questions then click Edit to the chosen question. Step 4: Adding the new value of  […]