[MjE] Do you have have wechat pay and alipay?

You can review all MicrojobEngine Payment gateways here. So sorry that we don’t have wechat pay and Alipay The default payment gateways of MicrojobEngine are Paypal, 2Checkout and Cash. Also, there are various extensions for more payment gateways, you can read about their usage on our blog. To add a local payment gateway, that all […]

[FrE + MjE] Is there dispute process in your themes?

Regarding your concern, we would like to assure you that dispute feature is available in FreelanceEngine and MicrojobEngine You can refer to section 3 + 4 of FreelanceEngine introduction here or the Manage Disputation section of MicrojobEngine Introduction Also check out some articles here for more information.

[CE] Can we take a commission of each sale?

Regarding your concern, I would like to inform you that there are commonly 2 ways to make money from your site. Pay to post ad Payment plan Displaying Advertisement (Google Adsense via widgets) You can’t take commission for each sale with this theme. ​ This inquiry needs a lot of custom coding. However, we don’t offer customization service. […]