[QAE] Do i need to buy a domain first before purchasing QAtheme? What is your suggestion for purchasing domain?

Regarding your concern, we would like to inform that:

To have your website runs with the theme, you must install it on your WordPress-supported hosting (Or cloud platforms) and configure the features.

If you use a cloud platform like AWS or GCP, you don’t need to purchase a domain name first, you can purchase it later.

However, we would highly recommend that you should have a domain (URL) ready in hands.

There are 02 options you can choose:
– Free documentation:

  • You can visit these addresses at here and here to install the theme by yourself.
  • Customer needs to have some certain skills and WordPress knowledge to install the theme properly.

– Installation service at $24:

  • We will install and configure the default features on your site as same as our demo.
  • All you have to do is configure the Social API and payment API.
  • You will need to buy a domain, hosting with cPanel/FTP account.
  • Then give us your domain name, cPanel/FTP account, and WP admin account.
  • We assure that in case we install the theme incorrectly, you’re free to request for a reinstallation.

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