[MjE] Cash payment workflow

Regarding your concern, I would like to inform you about the Cash payment workflow: ​ Step 1: Employer choose the appropriate mJob for him and checkout ​ Step 2: At Checkout step he can choose the Cash option ​ ​ Step 3: After order is received it will change the status to […]

[All] Is there any child themes for your theme?

The theme has already supported the child theme, which lets you use the parent theme for most of your design and functionality, but lets you customize it the way you like it. Hope this page is useful also http://docs.enginethemes.com/article/470-how-to-get-and-use-child-theme-to-customize-your-site

[MjE] How can I delete the 2 decimal for number format?

Regarding your inquiry about the decimal number, please add the code below to functions.php of your child-theme. add_filter( ‘mje_decimal_number’, ‘__return_zero’ ); If you have any further inquiries, feel free to drop us a ticket as either Bug Report or How to/customize. Also you can email us via support@enginethemes.com.